1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2.Definitions
  3. 3.Object
  4. 4.Scope of application
  5. 5. Duration
  6. 6.Reservations
  7. 7.Booking process
  8. 8. Acknowledgment of receipt of
  9. 9.reservation
  10. 10.Customer service
  11. 11.Cancellation or modification by the
  12. 12.customer
  13. 13.Soggiorno presso l’;hotel
  14. 14.Guarantees
  15. 15.Responsabilithas
  16. 16. Complaints
  17. 17. Prices
  18. 18.Payment
  19. 19.Protection of privacy
  20. 20.Agreement on evidence
  21. 21.Transfer
  22. 22.Force majeure
  23. 23. Dispute Resolution
  24. 24. Applicable law
  25. 25.Entire agreement
  26. 26. Integration and modification of the general conditions of sale
  1. 1. Introduction

1. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare manages the website www.hotelmoderno.org (di seguito il “;Sito Web”;), dedicated to hotel reservationsmodern hotel.

2. The Website and Mobile Services allow users to book rooms at themodern hotel located in Via Giovanni Buon n° 30, 07026 Olbia (OT) with P.Iva 00193950904.

3. Through the Website and Mobile Services And It is possible to book other services offered by partners of

SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate. These reservations are concluded directly between the customer and SA.R.IM partners. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate

4. The customer declares to have received from SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare all the necessary information on the Website or the Mobile Services.

5. All reservations made through the Website or Mobile Services assume the

consultazione e l’;complete and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions and

conditions of sale of the booked rate.

6. L’;acceptance of these general conditions and the conditions of sale of the booked rate by the customer is expressed at the time of booking; in the absence of such acceptance not And it is possible to proceed with the booking itself.

7. Customers have the optionhas to save and modify these general conditions using the

functionalityhas standards available in your browser or computer.

8. The following information is available on the Website and in the Mobile Services:

  • La nota legale che consente l’;precise identification of SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate, in which the company name is indicated, l’;physical address, l’;email address, the telephone number, the registered office, the VAT number, i riferimenti relativi all’;R.E.A. registration.
  • The main characteristics of the proposed accommodation (And You can consult the hotel information sheets at the time of booking).
  • Additional services offered (only on the Website).
  • Prices
  • Payment methods
  • General conditions of sale and conditions of sale of the booked rate
  • Validatedhas e prezzo dell’;offer
  • Minimum duration of the proposed contract, where applicable
  • Payment methods accepted.

9. Le caratteristiche principali dell’;accommodation offered, prices and availability dateshas are indicated on the page of each room visited during the booking process.

10. Before proceeding to request services, customers declare that these services are booked for personal purposes.

11. In qualithas of consumers, customers have specific rights, which however may be

messi in discussione nel caso in cui i servizi prenotati vengano utilizzati nell’;scope of activityhas

commercial, industrial, business or professional.

12. All information available on the Website and in the Mobile Services is provided in Italian and in

several other languages.

13. Customers declare that they have full capabilitieshas legal to accept these conditions


  1. 2.Definitions

Terms used in this document are defined as follows:

;avviso di ricevimento”;:

Email message sent to the customer from the Website or Mobile Services, in which a summary of the booking made by the customer is provided and its receipt by the Website or Mobile Services is confirmed.

;conferma della prenotazione”;:

Documento virtuale in cui viene fornito un quadro riassuntivo dei servizi prenotati dal cliente tramite Internet e l’;indication, where possible, of the credit card number used by the customer to make advance payments or provided as guarantee. L’;acceptance of the booking confirmation contractually binds the customer.

« client »:

Persona fisica che agisce per motivi personali o professionali non correlati all’;activityhas hotel.


Qualsiasi persona fisica che agisce per scopi che non rientrano nell’;scope of its activityhas

commercial, industrial, corporate or professional.


Any message containing text, voce, sounds or images, sent from a network of

public communication and stored on a network server or in the workstation of the

recipient until its recovery by said recipient.

;richiesta di prenotazione”;:

Hotel room reservation request made by the customer via the Mobile Services or

via the Internet.


Service providers accessible through the Website or Mobile Services; in particular, with such

tour operators are indicated at the end, the companieshas for car rental and train or airline ticket providers.

;prenotazione online”;:

Reservation of hotel rooms made using a virtual booking form

available on the Website or through the Mobile Services.


Reservation of hotel rooms whose main features are presented on the Website or in the Mobile Services.

;Servizi mobili”;:

All services and protocols that allow the connection of mobile terminals to the Internet and, in

particular, the consultation and booking of hotel services provided by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate.

;Sito Web”;:

Electronic service managed by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Real Estate on the Internet, disponibile all’;address www.hotelmoderno.org

  1. 3.Object

1. These general conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to

remote booking of the services offered by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare on its Website and through the Mobile Services.

2. These conditions apply to all booking operations, nonchIt is to the subsequent phases, That

involve the contracting parties.

3. Customers confirm that they have understood and accepted these general conditions of sale and the

conditions of sale of the booked rate available on the Website and in the Mobile Services. Such

general conditions also include lacceptance of the legislation on the protection of personal data, specifically indicated in the document named Privacy. By accepting the

these general conditions, customers expressly accept the provisions contained in the aforementioned Privacy document.

  1. 4.Scope of application

These general conditions of sale apply to all reservations made on the Internet,

through the Website or Mobile Services.

  1. 5. Duration

1. These general conditions of sale apply for as long as the services offered by

SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare are available on the Website or via the Mobile Services.

2. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare si riserva il diritto di bloccare l’;access, temporarily or permanently and without notice, to the Website and/or Mobile Services or online booking space.

  1. 6.Reservations

1. Customers choose the services presented on the Website or via Mobile Services.

2. Customers confirm that they know nature, the finalityhas and the methodshas to book the services available on the Website and in the Mobile Services and to have requested and obtained the necessary and/or additional information essential to make the booking with full knowledge of the facts.

3. Customers can book, on an individual basis and for personal needs. For group bookings for business trips, meetings, seminary from così via, And It is necessary to contact the property via e-mail or telephone.

4. Customers are solely responsible for the choice of services and their suitability for their needs; SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare assumes no responsibilityhas to about.

5. Il completamento del processo di prenotazione implica l’;acceptance, by the customer, of the booking itself.

  1. 7.Booking process

1. Reservations are made by customers via a virtual booking form,

available online on the Website or via Mobile Services.

2. The reservation is considered valid starting from the receipt of the form or booking request by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare or when the advance payment is made online via credit card and/or Paypal.

3. Before making any reservation, customers undertake to provide all the information requested in the form or booking request.

4. Customers confirm the truthfulnesshas e l’;accuracy of the information provided.

5. The booking process includes the following main stages:

; Phase 1: Search and choice of room and rate.

; Level 2: Selection, where necessary, of one or moreu additional services (only on the Website).

; Phase 3: Check your booking details, of the total price and the general conditions of

applicable sales e, only in case of online bookings, possible modification of choices

carried out (camera, rate, additional services).

; Phase 4: Entering customer data.

; Phase 5: Entering credit card details (through Paypal) in case of advance payment or if a guarantee is required through the method established in the conditions set out in the tariff itself.

; Phase 6: Verification and acceptance of the general conditions of sale and the conditions of sale of the booked rate before confirming the booking.

; Phase 7: Confirmation of booking by the customer.

  1. 8.Notice of receipt of booking

1. The customer will receivehas immediately via email a notification of receipt of the booking from the Site

Web or Mobile Services.

2. In case of online booking, l’;avviso di ricevimento della prenotazione inviato via email contiene un quadro riassuntivo dell’;offer which is the subject of the contract, the services booked, prices, the conditions of sale applicable to the rate selected and accepted by the customer, the booking date, information relating to after-sales service as well asIt is l’;address ofhotel where the customer canò file any complaints.

  1. 9.Customer service

For any complaints regarding hotel bookings, And You can contact Customer Service from Mondayì on Saturday, from 08.00 at 10pm.00 (Italian time), at the following telephone numbers:

Tel.: +39 0789 50550 / Fax +39 0789 53350

Email address for reservations made on the Website and via Mobile Services: info@hotelmoderno.org

L’;Postal address And the following:

Hotel Moderno –; SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate

Registered office: Via G. Good, 30

07026 Olbia (SS) ; Italy

  1. 10.Cancellation or modification by the customer

1. The conditions of sale of the booked rate specify the methodshas of cancellation and/or modification of the reservation.

2. Some reservations that require advance payment cannot be modified and/or canceled under any circumstances. Sums paid in advance as a deposit cannot be refunded. This clause And indicated in the conditions of sale of the tariff.

4. If the conditions of sale of the booked rate allow it:

  • Reservations can be canceled directly on the Website or via Mobile Services in the dedicated section.
  • AND possibile modificare le prenotazioni direttamente presso l’;hotel, whose telephone numbers are specified in the booking confirmation sent via email.

5. In case of early termination of the stay, worsehas addebitato al cliente l’;full amount of the stay agreed upon at the time of booking. For reservations requiring prepayment, non And possible to obtain any type of refund.

6. Unless expressly provided otherwise, Customers are required to vacate the room by 11am.00 dell’;last day of booking. In case of non-compliance, worsehas charged an additional night.

  1. 11.Soggiorno presso l’;hotel

1. In accordance with the regulations in force in Italy, al momento dell’;arrival at the hotel customers canhas be asked to fill out a public safety form. For this purpose, i clienti dovranno esibire un documento d’;identityhas postIt is it is possible to carry out the appropriate checks that will allow the necessity to be establishedhas whether or not to fill out this form.

2. Our Hotel welcomes certain animals, upon prior notice, purchIt is are kept on a leash or in a cage in all common areas of the facility. For hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed in the dining rooms.

3. Customers accept and undertake to use the room with the diligence of a good father of a family. Therefore, qualsiasi comportamento contrario al buon costume e all’;public order givehas diritto alla struttura alberghiera di pretendere che il cliente lasci l’;hotel, without thatò may give rise to any compensation and/or refund, if the payment has already been madehas been carried out. If the customer has not yet made the payment, sarhas required to pay the price of the overnight stays alreadyhas fruiti prima di lasciare l’;hotel.

4. Our Hotel And equipped with an internal regulation intended for customers which you can find atinterior of the rooms, of the elevators and in the bar and breakfast areas. Customers accept and undertake to comply with the aforementioned regulation. In case of failure by the customer to comply with one of the provisions of said Internal Regulations, the hotel structure will havehas diritto di pretendere che il cliente lasci l’;hotel, without thatò may give rise to any compensation and/or refund, if the payment is alreadyhas been carried out.

5. Offriamo ai nostri clienti l’;WIFI access (Free) which allows you to connect to the Internet for free. I clienti si impegnano a garantire che le risorse informatiche messe a disposizione dall’;hotel are not used in any way for reproduction purposes, representation, messa a disposizione o comunicazione al pubblico di opere o oggetti protetti da diritto d’;author or similar rights, which texts, Images, photo, musical works, audiovisual works, software or video games, senza l’;authorization of the holders of the rights provided for by Italian property lawhas intellectual, if such authorization is required. Where the customer does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, potrebbe essergli contestato il reato di violazione del diritto d’;autore sanzionabile con un’;fine and/or imprisonment provided for bycurrent legislation in force in the Italian state. Customers are alsoì tenuti a rispettare la politica di sicurezza del fornitore di servizi Internet dell’;hotel, comprese le regole di utilizzo dei mezzi di sicurezza sviluppati con lo scopo di impedire l’;illicit use of IT resources, e ad astenersi da qualunque azione in grado di compromettere l’;effectiveness of these means.

  1. 12.Guarantees

1. Customers are beneficiaries of the contractual guarantee relating to the selected service.

  1. 13.Responsabilithas

1. The photographs published on the Website and on the Mobile Services have no contractual value.

Although every effort is made to ensure thatIt is The photos, the graphic representations and texts used

to illustrate thehotels reflect in the mostu fedele possibile l’;proposed hotel offer, the customer may find some differences due, for example, to any renovations or replacements of furniture.

2. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare assumes no responsibilityhas for failure or incorrect execution of the reservation in cases of force majeure or for reasons attributable to actions of third parties or customers, such as lack of availabilityhas of the Internet connection, l’;impossibilithas to access the Website, external intrusions, computer viruses or failure to authorize the advance payment by the credit card holder's bank.

3. AND It is possible that on the Website or in the mobile services of SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare contains hypertext links that refer to third-party sites. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare declines any responsibilityhas regarding the content of such sites or the services offered therein.

4. Any bookings or payments deemed irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for reasons attributable to the customer will result in the cancellation of the reservation at the customer's expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal action that may arisehas be promoted to the customer.

  1. 14. Complaints

1. Complaints relating to the failure or incorrect execution of hotel services must be communicated in writing to SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate, Under penalty of decadence, entro e non oltre otto giorni dalla data di partenza del cliente dall’;hotel, rivolgendosi direttamente all’;hotel or by contacting Customer Service at the addresses above.

  1. 15. Prices

1. The prices relating to the booking of services are indicated before and during the booking


2. The prices indicated are per room, for the number of people and the dates selected.

3. Prices confirmed to the customer include all applicable taxes and are expressed in currency

commerciale dell’;hotel that And leuro. Neither loro validithas And limited to the duration indicated on the Website or Mobile Services.

4. If payment is made in a currency other than that confirmed at the time of booking, charges on exchange operations are borne by the customer.

5. All reservations, regardless of their origin, devono essere pagate nella valuta locale dell’;hotel, unless otherwise specifically indicated on site.

6. Unless otherwise indicated on the Website or through the Mobile Services, additional services (breakfast) they are not included in the price. Unless otherwise indicated via the Mobile Services, no breakfast And included in the price.

7. Ltourist tax, if anticipated, specified on the rates page, deve essere corrisposta direttamente all’;hotel, except in cases where the relevant amount is alreadyhas was included in the cost of the stay and paid in advance online.

8. I prezzi sono comprensivi dell’;VAT in force on the date the booking is made e,

qualora l’;VAT rate should change, the price applied to the customer will behas automatically

adequate to implement the tax regime in force on the invoice date.

9. Qualsiasi modifica del regime fiscale o l’;introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes by the authoritieshas competenti behavehas l’;automatic adjustment of prices indicated on the date of


10. Foreign currency conversion is provided for information purposes only and has no value

contractual. Only the currency confirmed at the time of booking And guaranteed (be valued And

diversa da quella usata dall’;hotel, any charges for exchange operations will remain your responsibility

the client's).

11. Se una tariffa prevede il pagamento presso l’;hotel al momento dell’;arrival or departure, It is in the

caso in cui la valuta del cliente non sia la stessa dell’;hotel, And possible that the fee charged

dall’;hotel is different from that communicated at the time of booking, due to possible

variazioni del tasso di cambio intervenute tra la data di prenotazione e le date dell’;effettivo soggiorno presso l’;hotel.

12. Upon confirmation of the customer's booking, SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare will indicatehas l’;importo totale dell’;order.

13. Various taxes may be added to the rates. Customers agree to pay the various taxes, without any complaint against SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate.

14. Some promotional offers available on the Internet are sold exclusively online, or remotely, e non possono essere richieste in alcun modo alla reception dell’;hotel.

16. Payment

1. The customer communicates his bank details to guarantee the booking, salvo

special conditions or rates, via credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club e così via, always through Paypal), indicating directly in the space provided for this purpose (Data entry protected with Paypal SSL encryption) the card number without spaces between the digits, the expiry date and security code of the card for payments made in advance via the Paypal platform.

2. L’;Payment will be charged directly to the hotel during your stay, tranne che nel caso di condizioni o tariffe speciali che prevedano l’;execution of payment at the time of booking (Online prepayment required for certain rates). Il pagamento anticipato funge da “;caparra”;. If the fee is not paid in advance online, l’;hotel può richiedere al cliente un deposito o l’;autorizzazione all’;credit card charged upon arrival at the hotel. Tale richiesta serve a garantire il pagamento degli importi relativi ai servizi forniti dall’;hotel.

3. In case of no-show of the customer (without canceling the reservation), l’;hotel

chargerhas to the client, as a penalty, an amount equal to the price of the first night on the card

credit provided to guarantee the booking. All other nights will be bookedhas cancelled

without any charge, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of sale of the fare


4. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare has chosen Paypal (payment service provider) to protect online payment transactions by credit card. Neither validhas of the card used by the customer for payment is verified by Paypal. Declining a credit card canò be due to various reasons: stolen or blocked card, maximum limit reached, errore nell’;data entry and so onì via. In case of problems, i clienti dovranno contattare la propria banca e l’;hotel to confirm your reservation and payment method.

5. At the time of prepayment, l’;total amount charged for the booking includes: il prezzo dell’;accommodation and related taxes, the price of catering and related taxes, I know yes And chose the breakfast option, nonchIt is all other additional services selected by the customer (as indicated in point 15.6).

6. In the case of rates that require advance payment online, l’;amount paid in advance,

or the deposit, is charged at the time of booking.

  1. 17.Protection of privacy

1. In each personal data collection form, customers are informed about the character

mandatory or optional information by the presence of an asterisk.

2. Nel caso non sia fornita un’;information indicated as mandatory, SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare may not be able to register the booking or manage complaints made by the customer.

3. The information processed is intended exclusively for SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate, to its partners, service providers (in particular, payment service providers) and hotel.

4. Nell’;scope of pre-contractual measures relating to the completion of the booking or

dell’;execution of the hotel booking contract, each of the aforementioned parts, as far as

its expertise, può be the recipient of identification data, personal and professional data

nonchIt is of economic and financial information, in particular for certain purposeshas, such as the

hotel booking and management of any complaints.

5. Customers authorize SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare to communicate its personal data to third parties provided that such communication is deemed necessary for carrying out the activitieshas operations of SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate, as specified in these general conditions and in accordancehas to the Privacy on the protection of personal data.

6. In case of online payment, the customer's bank details must be communicated by

Cliente all’;hotel for the finalization of the hotel booking contract. However, customers consent to this transfer for the finalization of the reservation.

7. Customers have the optionhas to oppose, without any cost to them, all’;use of the data that they

riguardano per l’;carrying out market research or for commercial purposes. I have othersì the right to

oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their personal data or to consult them, access it e

rettificarli inoltrando una richiesta scritta all’;address info@hotelmoderno.org. In particular,

SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare potrhas send your newsletter to customers via email, promotional offers and customer satisfaction questionnaires after a stay at your hotel. In all emails containing commercial messages And disponibile un collegamento che consente ai clienti di annullare l’;subscription to such communications.

8. Consultare il “;Modulo Privacy e Cookie Privacy”; for more information on the policy

adopted regarding the protection of personal data.

  1. 18. Agreement on evidence

1. L’;entering the required bank details as well asIt is l’;acceptance of these conditions

generali e l’;sending the form or booking request constitute a digital signature whose

legal validity And equivalent to the handwritten signature of the parties.

2. The computerized data stored in SA.R.IM.'s IT systems. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare will be kept in order to guarantee reasonable protection and will be considered as evidence of communications, of requests and payments made between the parties.

3. Customers are informed that their IP addresses are stored at the time of booking.

  1. 19.Transfer

In case of unavailabilityhas of the chosen booking, or in cases of force majeure, l’;hotel reserves the righthas to host the customer, per l’;entire duration of the stay or just part of it, at a hotel of equivalent category offering services of the same nature; all additional costs relating to the room, al trasferimento tra i due hotel o a eventuali telefonate restano a carico dell’;originally chosen hotel.

  1. 20.Force majeure

1. SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare assumes no responsibilityhas towards the customer in the event of failure to fulfill his obligations as a result of an event of force majeure. Events normally recognized as such by the jurisprudence of Italian courts and tribunals are considered cases of force majeure or fortuitous events.

  1. 21. Dispute Resolution

1. If a dispute arises regarding these general conditions, SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare informerhas customers of the possibilityhas to resort to a traditional mediation procedure or other out-of-court settlement systems.

  1. 22. Applicable law

These general conditions of sale are governed by Italian law.

  1. 23.Entire agreement

1. These general conditions of sale, the conditions of sale of the rate booked by the customer and the booking form or request express the obligations of the parties in their entirety.

2. No general or specific conditions communicated by the customer canò be integrated into these general conditions.

3. The documents that constitute the contractual obligations between the parties are, in order of priorityhas

descending, the booking form or request (containing the specific conditions applied to the booked rate) and these general conditions.

4. In case of conflict between the booking form and the general conditions, they will apply

only the provisions contained in the booking form.

  1. 24. Integration and modification of the general conditions of sale

These general online sales conditions may be modified and/or integrated at any time by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sardinian Roman Real Estate. Then, the new version of the general online sales conditions will comehas published on the Internet by SA.R.IM. S.r.l. Sarda Romana Immobiliare and will applyhas automatically to all customers with immediate effect.

Customers are alsoì required to consult the additional conditions of sale relating to each

rate, to the type of room or type of service indicated in the price list.